Editorial board of an international journal “Mammal Study”

“Mammal Study” is the official journal of The Mammal Society of Japan. It publishes Original papers, Short communications and Reviews on all aspects of mammalogy, written in English.

Editorial board of a Japanese journal “Honyurui Kagaku [Mammalian Science]”

“Honyurui Kagaku [Mammalian Science]” is the official journal of The Mammal Society of Japan. It publishes Original papers, Short communications, Reviews, Reports and Comments on all aspects of mammalogy, written in Japanese.

Committee of Conservation and Management

The committee was founded in 1989 in order to examine and to perform conservation and management of mammals. The activities of the committee are research studies and reviews of current situation of problems, technology, legal system, and submission of a variety of petition to authorities, organization of symposium in the Annual Meeting of the Society and others. To achieve a wide range of activities of the committee, 7 working groups are founded.

Committee of International Exchange

The committee takes part a variety of supports related to international activities of our members. In particular, we encourage the activities for building respectable partnerships among the researchers of Asian countries. We assist the activity of International Federation of Mammalogists (IFM), aiming to strengthen the global network.

Committee of Reviewing Taxon Names and Specimen Collections

The committee deals with issues related to the taxon names and voucher specimens in research institutes of mammalian species. We place a following working group, currently.

Committee of the History of The Mammal Society of Japan

The committee researches the history of MSJ and introduced it the members. Our history is valuable to understand MSJ, particularly for younger members.

Committee of Public Information

The committee administers and releases the public information and academic documents of MSJ to members and the world in general. In addition, also manages the web pages of MSJ to inform topics and news related to the subjects of mammalogy in Japan.

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